Do you get at least “Four Hugs a Day“? Have you ever met the “Hug Bug” or a Big Foot called “Sasquatch“? Can you rap like a stegosaurus called, “Dicky Dinosaur“? Is there a “Laundry Monster” in your house? Have you ever gone “Looking for Dracula“? Would you like to learn to sing in French, Spanish or even Zulu?

You might like to meet Charlotte Diamond and hear about her great songs for kids and their families!

Shop Now

If you’re looking for award-winning, family-friendly music in English, French and Spanish, you’ve come to the right place! Check out Charlotte’s new downloadable songs, CDs, DVDs, music books, song cards, puppets and plush Hug Bugs in her Online Store. You can also find Charlotte’s music on iTunes, including her latest CD, Diamonds by the Sea!

Charlotte and MP Fin Donnelly

MP Fin Donnelly of Coquitlam joins Charlotte at the Teddy Bear Picnic to sing “Sharks Need Their Fins” in support of protection of animals. He is a great MP for Canada and a good singer, too!

About Charlotte Diamond

Would you like to see Charlotte in concert or at a workshop? Check her Concerts and Events Calendar to see whether she’ll be performing in your area in the near future. To find out more about Charlotte, visit her Media and Bio section.

Charlotte and Matt perform a bilingual concert at Nesika French Immersion School

Charlotte and Matt perform a bilingual concert at Nesika French Immersion School. Singing “I am a Pizza” (Je suis une pizza) with Hug Bugs in the background, coloured by the students. [Photo Credit: William’s Lake Tribune]

The Hug Bug Club for Kids

Hey Kids! There’s lots for you to do in the Hug Bug Club! Read Charlotte’s Spring 2015 Newsletter, which is now online. (Also check Charlotte’s newsletters in French and Spanish.) Print some of Charlotte’s colouring pages, take a peek at the photos and kids’ art that our visitors have submitted, or write to Charlotte yourself!

Charlotte and Matt with Sedins Jerseys 2016

Charlotte and Matt wearing Henrik and Daniel Sedin jerseys, received from the Canucks Autism Network Family Festival.

A Surprise for Charlotte from the Students at Collingwood School, West Vancouver!

Resources for Teachers

Teachers, visit the Teachers’ Corner for information about Charlotte’s Workshops and Keynotes, lesson plans, themes, and information about Charlotte’s P.R.I.Z.E. Method in English and French, plus much more!

For more information, please contact us.





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